Message of Director

On behalf of the Building Electrical Engineering ( BEE Co., Ltd ) We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Excellency, ladies, gentlemen and all dear friends for your kind attentions and your interests in our organization.

Our company just founded in the name of Building Electrical Engineering ( BEE Co., Ltd ) In 2011, However our team had 10 years experiences in Electrical Work, Automatic Operation System, Security System (Alarm), Telecommunication, PABX,Air-Conditioning and Plumbing Work for Villa, Apartment, Hotel, Restaurant, Bank, Offices, Factory, Resort City. Since its foundation, Our Company was rapidly growing both quantity and quality which actively promotes the development policy of the government and improves
the living standard of Cambodian people.

It is indeed the BEE Co., Ltd. has generated a lot of new jobs, new skill workers which is now in real of human resources.

Human resource development is now in real need of the Royal Government of Cambodia, in particularly to alleviate poverty in our present society.

We are very so proud of having those people to join with our organization. All of them are working with their good will to use their experiences and know how to do something good for Cambodians during the crucial time of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the latter’s homeland.



  • Population: 14.7 million
  • GDP/Capita 2013: 15.2 billion dollar
  • GDP Growth 2013: 7.6%
  • Government Expenditures 2013: 3.02 billion dollar (Source: MEF)
  • University graduated: 48,589 (2013), Ref: MoEYS
  • Labor Forces: 10.8 million (2013)

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